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Hisense continues its US push with a 100-inch Laser TV

Hisense continues its US push with a 100-inch Laser TV


Hisense and Sharp’s 2017 TV lineup is filled with quantum dot

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Another year of CES means another year of Hisense attempting to take over the US TV market, and 2017 is no different. This time around, Hisense is bringing out the big guns, with a massive 100-inch Laser 4K TV as its flagship device.

Utilizing a short-throw projector, Hisense’s Laser TV projects a 4K HDR picture onto the included screen over HDMI or USB. The TV also features wide color gamut support and comes with a 5.1 sound channel system, with two rears and a subwoofer included in the bundle. For $13,000 that’s a pretty good deal for those who can afford it.

Of course a $13,000 TV isn’t the only thing Hisense is announcing this year. As it continues its push into the US market, Hisense’s 2017 lineup will compete with everything from high-end Sony TVs to cheaper Vizio sets. The H10D is a 4K HDR TV featuring Hisense’s patented ULED display technology, quantum dot wide color gamut, and full array local dimming. The H10D will be available in 70- and 75-inch configurations starting at $3,499 this summer.

The H9 Series also features the ULED display and HDR10 support, but doesn’t come with the quantum dot technology given its far cheaper price range. Available in 50, 55, and 65 inches, the H9 Series will begin at $699 when it’s released in March. Much like the H9 Series, the H8D Series comes with a 4K HDR panel with wide color gamut support. However the H8D Series is available in both 75- and 86-inch variations, and feature DLED local dimming and motion 120 instead of motion 240 which is found on the D9 Series.

The cheapest TV sets Hisense will sell in 2017 is the H7 Series, which starts at $399 for a 43-inch model, and goes up to $899 for the 65-inch version. The company is also releasing the R8 and R6 Roku TVs. The 75-inch R8 TV supports 4K and Dolby Vision, and will cost less than $2,000 when it’s released. The R6 will be available in screen sizes between 43 and 65-inches. To pair with its TVs, Hisense will also offer four soundbars for the first time, ranging in price from $79 to $299 for a full 5.1 surround sound setup.

Hisense licensed Sharp’s TV brand a couple years ago, and it hasn’t been left out of the CES 2017 announcements. Sharp is back with its usual large high-end displays, with the 75-inch P9500 and P9000 both featuring HDR 10 support, quantum dot wide color gamut technology, and DLED local dimming (the only major difference between the two is the refresh rate, with the P9500 using Motion 480 compared to Motion 240 for the P9000).

The P7000 series may be one of the most affordable Sharp lines in some time, with the 43-inch set starting at $449 and going up to $999 for the 65-inch TV. Although the P7000 does support HDR 10, it doesn’t feature multi-zone backlighting, which may be a deal-breaker for some people.

If you’re looking for a cheaper Sharp TV with multi-zone backlighting, the P8000 series starts at $749 for the 50-inch model and features DLED local dimming. Sharp will also offer its own soundbars to go along with its TV lineup. The soundbars will start at $79 and go up to $399. Both Hisense and Sharp TVs will also be able to access XUMO, the streaming service with over 60 channels including Tastemade and Fox Sports, for free.

Hisense hasn’t said when Sharp’s TVs will be available, but the first wave of Hisense’s 2017 TV lineup should hit shelves in March. Hisense has had its TVs in Best Buy and Amazon for a couple years now, so the new sets shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Update January 4th, 3:46PM ET: Added pricing for the Hisense R6 TV.