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The Nemonic printer will put your selfie on a sticky note

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I love a good printer, and the Nemonic printer seems like a good printer. The device’s whole aesthetic pleases me. Its pastel color palette is just trendy enough, it’s tiny and therefore cute, and it’s minimalistic. Plus, it’s very easy to use. The printer connects over Bluetooth to your phone and relies on a companion Android / iOS app. With the app, you can choose a template or take a photo to print. And that’s about it. Simple, like I said. The printer will cost $120 when it’s released later this year.

The Nemonic uses thermal heat imaging to print, so while it doesn’t rely on ink, the paper is pretty flimsy and thin. That said, any sort of sticky note is fun because you really can plaster them wherever you want. Seriously, at $4 for 200 sheets, feel free to print your face out and put it around the house when the Nemonic eventually ships. Your family is guaranteed to love that.