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Sony is finally releasing a 4K Blu-ray player for the masses

Sony is finally releasing a 4K Blu-ray player for the masses


The UBP-X1000ES support 4K streaming and HDR

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Sony has announced a new Ultra HD Blu-ray player with 4K and HDR support — the UBP-X800. The company is calling the X800 its “first” UHD player, but it did previously announce a similar device last September, the UBP-X1000ES. But, the latter product was part of Sony’s professional ES series, available only through custom installations, while the X800 will be sold to a wider market. You know, through shops.

The X800 appears to be identical to the X1000ES in terms of design, though, meaning it’s a fairly anonymous-looking device. (The X1000ES itself cribs from the design of the 4K streaming box, the UHP-H1.) The X800 can play UHD Blu-ray discs, stream in 4K from services like Netflix, and supports HDR or high dynamic range content. It also works with Blu-ray 3D, DVD, and CD, and has a USB port for other digital content. In terms of audio specs, it supports playback up to 192kHz/24-bit and DSD 11.2MHz1. It also has integrated Bluetooth to work with wireless headphones.

The X800 will go on sale some time in spring this year but pricing for the device (sing along in the back if you know the words!) is yet to be announced.