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Finally, a gadget that uses collective intelligence to make more buzzwords

Finally, a gadget that uses collective intelligence to make more buzzwords

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I don't know what this thing actually is. I mean, you plug it into your TV maybe and then... something happens. What I'd really like to do is share a few choice quotes from Klaxoon's bizarre press release for its new Loupe product, and you can draw your own conclusions.

What is it?

Loupe, a tool to entertain collective intelligence.

What does it do?

An intuitive connected device that turns any screen into a new occasion to learn and share.

But, like, how?

With the Loupe, teams find the way to stay in the loop.

What do you mean?

The Future of Work, today.

Seriously what is happening here?

Instantly participate in brainstorming, word clouds, surveys, etc.

And this is a good thing to do?

Klaxoon maximizes and magnifies meeting points by turning any screen into organic knowledge focus areas conducive to spontaneous idea sharing.

How about we close it out with a clarifying quote from the CEO of Klaxoon, Matthieu Beucher?

“Every day, people learn from others through discussions, debates, meetings and relationships. These interactions coincide to ignite inspiration and creativity, bringing life to the next big ideas. In this infinite loop of day-to-day interactions, the collective experience has led mankind to many amazing strokes of genius. This is how we are, and how the human mind has come up with so many brilliant, disruptive and unique ideas. All this available brain power, with such amazing potential, is waiting to be inspired. This is why we created the Loupe. With Loupe, knowledge comes alive to entertain collective intelligence.”

Great. Good. Thank you. The Loupe will be available Spring 2017. Until then I guess we'll have to keep our collective intelligence to ourselves.