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Simplehuman’s new trash cans have voice commands and Wi-Fi

Simplehuman’s new trash cans have voice commands and Wi-Fi

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Simplehuman is a company known for high-end home goods, including its deluxe trash cans (yes, those are a thing). And at CES 2017, the company showed off its most technological garbage bin yet: a voice-activated trash can that can open and close through verbal commands. 

The initial version of the voice-activated garbage can will be available in two capacities: a smaller $180 garbage-only version, and a more expensive but larger $240 model that has both trash and recycling receptacles. The cans open up to requests of "Open can" or “Open sesame,” and can be verbally instructed to close or stay open as well. Both cans also offer a motion sensor similar to Simplehuman's other trash cans. The first round of voice-activated garbage cans should be out in March.

A second version is planned for a May release which adds Wi-Fi, additional languages, and the ability to track your stock of garbage bags. When you run out, a paired app can help you automatically order more through Amazon's Dash Replacement service.