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FridgeCam spies on your fridge and tells you what to cook

FridgeCam spies on your fridge and tells you what to cook

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Nick Statt

Your fridge is old and boring. Maybe it came with your apartment, or maybe you inherited it from a Craigslist rando, but one thing is certain: you’re a tech person. You deserve a smart fridge. The FridgeCam, which is a literal camera designed to sit in your fridge, will make your old fridge smart.

The camera employs custom food recognition software that can reportedly track what’s in your fridge, suggest recipes, and save you from wasting food. You just have to scan the food’s barcode on the FridgeCam’s app, which connects over Wi-Fi, whenever you put something inside. The fridge then will either already know how long that food item can last before going bad, or will ask you to set an expiration date. For foods without barcodes, like fruit and vegetables, you just have to manually add them. The app will let you know when that food is getting close to expiring and notify you.

Every time you open and close the fridge door, the FridgeCam will take a photo and update the app, so you can get a continuously updating visual log of what’s going on in your fridge. I can’t tell if this would become the ultimate distraction or a helpful tool. It’ll be available for $149.99 when it’s released later this year.

FridgeCam’s creators tell me the app will also send geotagged notifications whenever you’re driving past a grocery store so you can replenish your fridge. Again, I can’t tell if this is legitimately useful or will overwhelm you with data. It’s a camera for your fridge. Who knows if it even makes sense, but it’s happening.