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I put my face on a backpack, and I feel great about it

I put my face on a backpack, and I feel great about it

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Ashley Carman

POP-I is a company that’s trying to make E Ink backpacks the next big thing. It’s actually trying to popularize E Ink apparel in general, but at CES this year, the company is showing off its backpack. The Classic and Sport bags feature an HD 10-inch and 4.7-inch E Ink display respectively and will be available in canvas or leather. They aren’t for sale just yet, but will be available to pre-order in February for an estimated mid-year delivery. The bags range from $99 to $399, depending on the size of the screen and the bag’s material.


The backpack pairs to your phone over Bluetooth and communicates with the company’s iOS / Android app to change the screen. You can set it to already available patterns or display whatever you have saved locally on your phone. I decided to take a selfie and put it on the backpack, which is probably self-centered and narcissistic, but I don’t care. Selfies bring me joy and frankly, I think it’s hilarious to wear myself on my backpack. I can’t wait to try this out in New York.

Some downsides: the E Ink display has to be charged. It takes three to four hours to charge it fully, though POP-I tells me that the display can last for 30 days on a single charge. As you’ve likely noticed, this display is also only in black and white, which is a bit lackluster. But do you need more for shameless self-promotion?