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Sony adds more portable speakers and noise-cancelling headphones to its Extra Bass range

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Sony is expanding its EXTRA BASS range of audio products (the capitals are mandatory) with four new portable wireless speakers and a quartet of new headphones. The speakers are, according to Sony’s very hip press release, “made for today’s heavy-hitting bass lines and dropping beats” while the headphones are just for listening to bass-heavy music, drops entirely optional.

There’s no pricing or release dates on any of these yet (just “spring 2017”), and, as usual for Sony, the product names are an alphanumeric jumble. Nevertheless, here’s a quick overview of what’s been announced:


  • MDR-XB950N1 - flagship wireless headphones (picture above), 22 hours of playback, easily folded, Bluetooth, integrated mic, and noise-cancellation
  • MDR-XB950B1 - same as above but no noise-cancellation and only 18 hours playback
  • MDR-XB550AP - wired on-ear model, in-line remote and mic, “available in five fun colors: black, red, blue, green, and white”
  • MDR-XB510AS - wired in-ear model, designed for sports with water-resistance
The wired MDR-XB550AP, with in-line remote and mic
The wired MDR-XB510AS, designed for sport and water-resistant


  • SRS-XB40 / SRS-XB30 / SRS-XB20 - wireless speakers with Bluetooth, NFC, and water-resistant design (a splash won’t kill ‘em, a dunk will). Lights around the speaker offer “club-like effects” (originally appearing on the static XB7 and controlled via a free app) and they can be chained together wirelessly to increase volume. The 40 model is 4 inches by 11 inches; the 30 model is 3 inches by 9 inches; and the 20 model is 2.5-inches by 8 inches. You can see more about the XBs here
  • SRS-XB10 - smaller wireless speaker, just 3 by 3.5-inches. 16 hours battery life, also includes Bluetooth and NFC. There’s also a little strap for hanging it off then, which actually looks pretty cool
The SRS-XB10, just chilling
The largest portable speaker, the SRS-XB40