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The Moveband BT looks more like a fashion accessory than a fitness tracker

TCL — the parent company of Alcatel — announced a new fitness tracker at CES. Interestingly, the company looks to be diversifying its branding a bit, with the Moveband BT Smartband getting TCL’s logo instead of Alcatel’s.

The Moveband BT Smartband takes a more fashion-forward approach to fitness tracking, swapping out a screen and buttons for a more minimalist metal and leather design with gesture controls. TCL is claiming up to 30 days of battery life in standby mode off a single two-hour charge, which sounds good, assuming it holds up in real-world usage. And of course, it has the usual gamut of activity, fitness, and sleep-tracking features. TCL also says that the Moveband BT Smartwatch can rely notifications of messages, calls, and other alerts, but it’s not entirely clear how that functions given the lack of a screen. The simple design of the Moveband BT Smartband also has an additional downside of not offering any way to actually tell time.

The Moveband BT Smartband will be available in March, but no pricing or exact release information has yet been announced beyond that.