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Build a wall of sound with these stackable speakers

Build a wall of sound with these stackable speakers

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Ashley Carman

Big speakers are the star of every party. Everyone wants to control them, and everyone wants to be near them. If the speakers suck, the party sucks. Just a fact.

Here’s the thing about big speakers, though; you’re only able to party in whatever room you decided to keep your speaker in because dang, that thing is heavy. A Swedish company called AiFi thinks the party should be portable. It showed off its A-i modular speakers at CES this week, which sound great on their own but can also be connected to other AiFi speakers to create a powerful sound system.

They A-i is already available to ship to the US. Here’s what you might want to know:

  • They connect over Bluetooth and have an auxiliary port, as well as an optical audio port
  • They’re 7 x 2 x 2 inches and are made of aluminum and steel
  • They’re splash-proof
  • There’s touch controls on the back that adjust volume, pair the speaker, and change its color
  • There are also app controls
  • AiFi says an endless number of speakers can connect to each other
  • $299 per speaker


Ashley Carman

I checked the speakers out and really dug their sound, even when I was only listening to one of them. That said, the A-i shines when there’s a bunch of them connected to one other, which gets expensive.

Still, AiFi thinks its speakers are especially convenient for parties because in theory, all your friends could bring their A-i over and you’d all take turns controlling the entire speaker party stack. Ownership of the stack defaults to the original speaker’s owner, but that person can transfer control to other people whose speakers are part of the build. I love this democratic view of parties.

Do I think all my friends are going to own an A-i and we’re going to have the ultimate communal party, free of music choice fights? No, but I find modular speakers an interesting and sensible way to create a speaker system that’s also portable.