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Sleep Number’s new 360 smart bed automatically adjusts to your sleep position

Sleep Number’s new 360 smart bed automatically adjusts to your sleep position


Yes, foot warmer, yes

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Sleep Number unveiled its revamped smart bed line at CES this week, starting with its new 360 bed. The bed does a lot: it automatically adjusts to your sleep position to make you comfortable; it detects snoring and elevates your head to stop your snoring; it figures out how well you slept based off your heart rate, breathing, and your tossing and turning; and it’s also got foot warmers. The foot warmers, in my professional sleeper opinion, are the bed’s true star.

The 360 has three layers that are integral to making it work. There’s the actual mechanics at the bottom of the bed that physically move you up and down, but there’s also the air chamber, which adjusts to your position to make you comfortable. On top of all that, there’s the cushion layer that makes the bed something you’d actually want to lay on.


Alix Diaconis

Sleep Number tells me the air chamber has pressure sensors inside of it that help detect where your body is on the mattress and make adjustments accordingly. The air chambers can also pick up on vibrations, which indicate whether you’re snoring or moving. There’s a sensor at the end of the bed that collects all this data and sends it back to the Sleep Number app on your phone over Bluetooth. Its algorithm factors all that information into a score that represents how well you slept that night.

This score is called a Sleep IQ, and it’s nothing new. Sleep Number has had the technology embedded in its smart beds for years. The 360 just brings everything together with the new automatic adjustment features, and, of course, the foot warmers. The king-sized 360 starts at $4,000. Price varies by the comfort padding material. The 360 will be released later this year.