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This tiny mobile phone is also a fidget spinner

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A 1.4-inch screen, 8GB expandable memory, and the answer to all life’s stresses

Image: Chilli International

The most annoying toy of 2017 is almost certainly the humble fidget spinner. For a short while it was ubiquitous: sold in supermarkets, dodgy corner stores, and basically anywhere you can drop money. Kim Kardashian had her own branded version, and Arcade Fire even put their new album on one for $109 a pop. My friend has one and has played with it so much she can spin it and balance it on her nose at the same time. And now, there’s a phone version.

Made by Hong Kong-based Chilli International, the fidget phone has been around for a while. We saw it on Reddit this week, but PhoneRadar had a hands-on with the device back in September. The handset has a 1.4-inch screen, comes in six colors, and features a tiny 32MB of internal memory (though you can expand that up to 8GB with an SD card). It’s an extremely basic phone though, with no apps. Although it does have a web browser and Bluetooth. It’s $20 and currently only being sold in India, though there are other versions of fidget spinner phones floating around on Amazon.

Video: PhoneRadar

Fidget spinners are supposed to help with anxiety, so if you’re having a stress-inducing phone call with your parents, spinning the phone after the conversation might help and be well worth the $20. And if a phone fidget spinner isn’t your thing, you can always try one of the several different gaming ones. Just don’t lick them.