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Circuit Breaker

Watch Circuit Breaker Live episode 002: Parrot drones, #podlife, and Bluetooth speakers

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Yes, Circuit Breaker Live is a live show, and it’s shot live, and you can watch it live. But we get it, you can’t always be there, at at 4PM ET on a Tuesday, where you can find Circuit Breaker Live for the next couple months. So we’ve got you covered and have recorded the latest episode for you to watch at your leisure.

On this week’s show, we fly some drones with Ben Popper, dive deep into #podlife with Ashley Carman, and test out some of the best Bluetooth speakers with Chaim Gartenberg. Our passion for pods comes second only to our passion for headphone jacks, so get ready for an impassioned broadcast. (RIP Juicero.)

And when you’re done, feel free to check out last week’s episode on the iPhone 8.