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Sennheiser’s excellent HD 650 headphones are on sale for $200 right now

Sennheiser’s excellent HD 650 headphones are on sale for $200 right now

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sennheiser hd 6xx
Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

For the third time in the past year, there’s an absolute steal of a sale running on Sennheiser’s HD 650 headphones. The sale is happening at Massdrop, which has an ever-so-slightly tweaked and rebranded version of the headphones called the HD 6XX on sale today for $199.

Don’t take this as a knockoff, though: my colleague Vlad Savov tried them out last year, and he wrote that the HD 6XX “is identical to the HD 650 in its sound signature, construction materials, and Ireland-based manufacturing.” Polygon executive editor Chris Plante wrote for this site that Sennheiser’s HD 650s are “the perfect headphones.”

There are only a few slight differences between the two models. Massdrop’s HD 6XX are a dark blue, instead of black, they have a shorter cable (a still-lengthy five feet long), and a 3.5mm headphone jack instead of a larger 6.35mm jack. But otherwise, they’re the same pair of headphones that Sennheiser sells for $500 (though you can find the original model on sale for $315 on Amazon right now).

The big downside here is that Massdrop will only have 4,500 units available, which are likely to sell out quickly. The sale technically ends October 23rd, but the company doesn’t expect it to last that long. And because of the way Massdrop works — it works with a manufacturer to tweak a product and order a set quantity of them, after the product’s sale has already ended — you’ll have to wait a couple months before the headphones ship, which isn’t supposed to happen until December 20th. That means if you’re looking for holiday presents, these are anywhere from too late to cutting it very close.