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A Moto Mod that turns your phone into an instant camera is coming

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Photo by Evan Blass (Twitter)

Lenovo teased a bunch of new Moto Mods at Mobile World Congress this year, including one with Amazon's Alexa assistant built in, and another that can instantly print smartphone photos. Yesterday, VentureBeat reporter Evan Blass gave us another look at the Mods, the first since Lenovo's announcements. Notice the slight Polaroid branding on the photo printer.

We knew the Alexa Mod would for sure be released, but the Polaroid Mod wasn't as definite because Lenovo teased it as more of an experiment. Brazilian blog Technoblog also posted an image of the mod last month. It looks essentially the same as Blass' render:

Image: Technoblog

We can guess these might be released soon, maybe even in time for the holidays. While I love the idea of turning any modular phone into an instant camera, I also recognize that carrying this mod around could be heavy and somewhat arduous. We also don't know how many photo sheets it can hold, so presumably, you'll have to carry special paper around, too. That's a lot to ask just to print some photos.