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DxO's detachable smartphone camera is finally coming to Android

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A new USB-C version is on the way, but the company’s short on details

Two years ago, DxO — the company best known for issuing scores for the best (and worst) smartphone cameras on the market — released a curious little camera called the DxO One that plugged into the Lightning port of iPhones and iPads. Now that camera is finally coming to Android. DxO announced today that the company is launching a USB Type-C version of the One that should work with most USB-C Android phones and tablets.

We don’t know much more about when the Android version will be available, how accessible it will be, what it will cost, or if it will be any different. (For what it’s worth, the current price of the original DxO One is $499.) DxO says more information is coming on November 2nd, and that the camera will be part of an “Early Access” program, and that’s about it.

As cagey as that announcement sounds, I really liked the DxO One (and still do), so I’m excited it’s coming to Android phones. The hardware is really solid and svelte, especially considering it’s got a 1-inch sensor inside. The pictures it takes are better than a smartphone’s to warrant bothering with some occasional ergonomic clumsiness, and if that bothers you then you can shoot blind with the One when it’s not plugged in. It’s a great little street camera, so giving more people a chance to shoot with it is a good thing.