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Google will start selling products at its pop-up stores this week

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This is a first

Google doesn't have any dedicated hardware stores like Apple or Microsoft, but it has previously experimented with pop-up demo experiences where users can test products before buying them online through the Google Store. That's changing today... sort of.

The company confirmed to The Verge that it will begin selling hardware at these temporary locations this year. The Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, and Google Home Mini will go on sale in New York City and in Los Angeles on Thursday. The rest of the new devices will follow as they're released over the next few weeks.

The company opened the retail spaces in West Hollywood in LA and the Flatiron District in New York. Both locations are open from October 19th through December 31st, so clearly, they'll be around for last-minute holiday shopping.

Given that Pixel 2 orders are already backordered online, the physical stores might have a more plentiful supply. We wouldn't expect them to be overflowing with phones, but they might at least give users a better shot at grabbing a Pixel 2 on launch day.