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Samsung’s new SmartThings Cloud will unite all of its IoT devices

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An ‘open ecosystem’ for IoT

Samsung is combining its various Internet of Things services under a single banner called SmartThings Cloud, the company announced today at the 2017 Samsung Developer Conference.

While in the past various Samsung IoT devices have used SmartThings, Samsung Connect, and ARTIK platforms, going forward the company will be uniting them into SmartThings Cloud. Samsung says that SmartThings Cloud will provide “a single, powerful cloud-based hub,” and that SmartThings Cloud will be a new open ecosystem, that will work with both Samsung devices and other third-party products.

The company hasn’t said much more about what to expect from SmartThings Cloud, but Samsung is saying that consumers should expect to be able to start using products with it early next year, so it’s likely we’ll hear more about it soon, especially with CES 2018 beginning to loom in the distance.