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Tivo's voice-controlled remote will probably be supported by a Bluetooth USB dongle

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Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny has uncovered a full diagram of TiVo's rumored voice-controlled remote. The image and an FCC listing suggest that users will be able to search by title, actor, or keyword. They'll also be able to launch apps, like Netflix, navigate to specific channels, or get back to TiVo's menu. The full user manual is available to peruse, including details on setup.

Take a look at the diagram and start thinking about how you'll push these buttons.

FCC / TiVo (Zatz Not Funny)

The other bit of news contained in the FCC filing is that older Roamio hardware and the TiVo Mini will support the new remote through a Bluetooth USB dongle. Presumably the Bolt will support it natively. Here's that beautiful, beautiful dongle:

FCC (Zatz Not Funny)

This filing and the completion of the manual seem to suggest that TiVo will announced this device soon — maybe even this fall. As I've mentioned before, TiVo's late to the voice-controlled remote game. Roku, Sony, Dish, and Amazon have already released their own versions years ago. But still, this remote is good news for anyone who's dedicated their TV setup to TiVo.