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A SNES-styled 3DS XL is coming to the US

A SNES-styled 3DS XL is coming to the US


It comes with Super Mario Kart too

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If you were frustrated by the Europe-only release of the SNES-styled 3DS then today is a great day because the awesome-looking console is coming to the US, as spotted by Engadget. The 3DS XL SNES console is exclusive to Amazon and is currently on pre-order for $199.99, with a release set for November 27th. The American 3DS XL has the stylized purple features just like the original US version of the SNES, rather than the rainbow colored highlights seen on the EU version.

One of the best parts of the US release is that it comes with a code for a downloadable version of Super Mario Kart, a classic Super Nintendo staple I spent countless months playing as a kid (Rainbow Road on this version has so many sharp corners that you need to be an expert at turning).

The new 3DS ties in nicely with Nintendo’s recent bout of nostalgia releases. So if you missed out on a Super Nintendo Classic Edition, perhaps this 3DS XL can help sooth your pain.