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The Phorus PS10 is the first Amazon Alexa speaker to support DTS Play-Fi

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Good news for anyone who actually uses Play-Fi, I guess

The Phoros PS10 is a new home speaker that features support for Amazon’s Alexa assistant, which would ordinarily relegate it to a pile of similar, Alexa-infused products if not for one thing: it’s the first Alexa device to support DTS Play-Fi for multi-room audio.

While DTS’s Play-Fi may not have the brand power of larger companies like Sonos, it’s still one of the more widely used wireless home audio standards around. So if you’ve already been building out your sound system around DTS’s standard, the PS10 might be worth a look for adding Alexa to the mix.

That said, the DTS Play-Fi support and Alexa support seem to be two separate halves of the device. Alexa can locally play music, but you’ll still need the DTS Play-Fi app to control multi-room audio in the rest of your house.

The PS10 costs $249.99, and is available today from Phoros.