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The Nintendo Switch deserves a portable projector dock

The Nintendo Switch deserves a portable projector dock


Assuming it actually ships

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In the original Switch marketing campaign, Nintendo revealed a bold vision of the device as a truly portable console, with people bringing the Switch to friends’ houses or bars and enjoying Nintendo games together.

OJO is a Switch accessory from YesOJO Studios that builds on that idea, combining a portable projector, speaker, and a backup battery into a mobile dock for your Switch, via TechCrunch. It’s the kind of thing that seems almost blindingly obviously once you see it: the Switch’s portability is good and the Switch is great for multiplayer on the go, so why not add a projector to make that possible on a larger screen anywhere? The company claims the dock can project a display between 30 to 120 inches at 200 lumens, while the power bank offers an extra 20,400mAh battery to both power the projector and extend the life of your Switch.

Unfortunately, OJO is pretty expensive for what it’s offering. It’s currently looking for funding on Indiegogo with an early-bird price of $269 (which is nearly as much as a brand-new Switch costs at retail). YesOJO is planning to sell OJO at retail for $369, which is an even tougher ask for most people.

Additionally, YesOJO is a first-time company, offering a fairly complex hardware project on Indiegogo. The company also has yet to begin manufacturing in any real sense, despite promising a December ship date, which seems somewhat optimistic. As always, it’s worth remembering that you should always do your own research before backing.