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Wink gets in on the home security game with new sensors and alarm

Wink gets in on the home security game with new sensors and alarm


Breaking out of the hub

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Wink smart security essentials
Image: Wink

Wink, an app and hub that aims to connect all the smart things in your home in one centralized place (while working with both Alexa and Google Home), has just debuted a new security products bundle, according to Engadget. Wink’s hub has been offered as part of a bundle in the past, but with products made by other companies that are compatible with Wink’s platform. This time, all the products included are made by Wink.

The Wink Lookout package includes two sensors that can be used for doors or windows, a motion sensor that can be placed anywhere in the home (and can be adjusted for pet sensitivity), a siren and chime alarm with a built-in flashing light, and the hub. All the products communicate through the Wink hub and can be monitored using the app. No subscription is required.

No subscription is required

Wink’s app now has increased functionality to accommodate the Lookout package. Alerts will be sent if any of the sensors are tripped; you can turn on the siren, tap to call 911 or a trusted contact, or use it to monitor people coming and going, like a dog walker or a package drop-off.

Other companies have recently debuted home security product suites, like Nest Guard and Ring Protect. Nest’s solution is pricey at $499 and requires everything to be connected through the Nest app, while Ring’s downfall is that it’s pretty limited in what it can do and also has to be accessed through a proprietary app. One of the nice things about Wink is its inclusiveness that stomps out the need for a host of individual apps. (I use mine as a single place to control my Ecobee, Google Home, Hue lights, and more.)

The new bundle will retail for $199, and Engadget says it will be available starting October 31st at The Home Depot and on Amazon. The sensors will individually retail for $29, with the siren and motion sensor each selling for $39.