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Livestream’s new $500 Mevo Plus camera can automatically edit your live stream videos in real time

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Livestream, which is now owned by Vimeo, has announced an upgraded version of its Mevo live-streaming camera, logically named the Mevo Plus, via Engadget.

The Mevo Plus, like the Mevo before it, can live stream video to services live Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube, Livestream, and Vimeo Live (those last two make a lot of sense, considering the companies involved).

The headline feature on the Plus is the same as that on the original Mevo: a “Live Edit” function, which lets you cut, zoom, and pan in real time. You can also create up to nine preset shot angles that can be switched with a tap to simulate a true multi-camera setup. Additionally, there’s an option for an AI-assisted Autopilot Mode, which automatically edits your stream for you. It sounds pretty cool, assuming it actually works as promised.

Image: Mevo

The Plus also improves on the original Mevo in other ways, including an extended range that allows you to record from up to 100 feet away, versus the original’s 20-foot distance.

The Mevo Plus isn’t exactly cheap at $500, but if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for professional-looking live stream videos, its certainly cheaper than an entire studio setup. And if you’re looking for a less pricey option, the Mevo is also getting a price drop to $300. Both the Mevo Plus and the reduced-price Mevo are available starting today on Mevo’s website.

Correction: The Live Editing features were previously available on the original Mevo, and are not new to the Mevo Plus, as this article originally stated.