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Nintendo’s SNES Classic will be available at Toys R Us stores Friday morning

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Still in search of the elusive miniature Super Nintendo? Toys R Us is the latest retailer to get a re-up on its SNES Classic supply. The company today announced that all of its US stores will have Nintendo’s $80 mini console available on Friday. “Since quantities are limited, we encourage customers to get in line before doors open on Friday morning for a chance to purchase,” a spokesperson told The Verge. A firm date is a little easier to plan for than randomly checking your nearest GameStop throughout a given week.

There are no bundles or other nonsense to deal with at Toys R Us, but Friday also marks the release of Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see other retailers join in with a shipment of SNES Classic units to go along with it. Toys R Us is selling a Switch bundle with the new Mario game included, but that’s separate from the Classic. (The company warns that this too will be in short supply.)

And don’t forget that a 3DS XL styled like the SNES is coming to the US as well, in case just one retro-ish gadget isn’t enough.