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Samsung’s incubator lab spins off seven more weird little companies

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C-Lab is known for experimentation

Image: Samsung

Samsung’s incubator hub C-Lab, is known for producing things like a waistline tracking smart belt and a Bluetooth headset that attaches to helmets. Now C-Lab is spawning seven new start-ups created by Samsung employees that range from useful to quixotic. The projects will be spun off as as individual companies on October 31.

Of the seven featured, here are three of the more notable:

  • Defind. A kind of smart shoe fitting service that generates a 3D scan of your feet so you'll always get a perfectly sized pair of shoes.
  • PixelRo. For sufferers of presbyopia (an eye disease that affects people as they age) Samsung has created a smartphone-based solution pairing an app and a screen add-on so users can see clearly without wearing corrective eyeglasses.
  • Linkface. A VR application that can track eye and facial movements, allowing you to directly control VR content. Part of Linkface features tracking a user's expression which can then produce the corresponding movement on an emoji, similar to Apple's Animoji.

The rest include Hyperity, an application that allows users to control smartphones and computers through virtual screens; BlueFeel, a portable air purifier; Soft Launch, a social-media based recommendation service; and 1Drop, a low-cost blood glucose measuring app that uses a smartphone’s LED light and camera.

Including the seven businesses announced today, C-Lab has been responsible for the launch of 32 start-ups since 2012 working in healthcare, VR and AR, and the Internet of Things. So far, none have had any real consumer success. But Samsung remains undeterred.

“Based on our valuable past experience, we are planning to build up a more profound and actionable program to nurture employees’ ideas and launch new startups,” said Jaiil Lee, head of the Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics in a statement.