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Logitech's Circle security cameras now work with Google Assistant

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‘Ok Google, show me the back yard camera’

Logitech's Circle security cameras now work with your voice through Google Assistant. That means you can ask the virtual assistant to show you what’s going on around the house and view the camera feed right on your TV. The feature will work on any device with Google Assistant installed, like Google Home smart speakers, Android phones, or iPhones; and requires a TV with a Chromecast attached or built-in. To view live video on the TV, users just say, "Ok Google, show me the front door camera," where “front door” is the name assigned to the Circle camera.

Logitech says integration works on all Circle 2 cameras — both wired and wireless versions — as well as the first generation Logi Circle. It’s live as of today in the US and will roll out to other countries “soon,” Logitech said. The Logitech Circle 2 Wired costs $179.99, while the Circle 2 Wire-Free is $199.99. They’re both available online and from the usual retailers.