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Amazon will now sell you high-end LG phones for less, if you’ll put up with ads

Amazon will now sell you high-end LG phones for less, if you’ll put up with ads

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

LG is joining Amazon’s Prime Exclusive Phone program today, offering four smartphones at a discount for customers willing to put up with seeing ads on their lock screen. Amazon already has Motorola, Alcatel, and Nokia as partners in this program, but its deal with LG stands out for being the first to include high-end phones. LG is offering the G6 and G6 Plus at a discount, as well as the low-end Q6 and X Charge.

The two G6 models are the nicest phones to enter Amazon’s discounted lineup to date. Naturally, they sell for substantially more than most other phones available, at $399.99 and $499.99. That’s only a $50 discount on the standard G6, but it’s almost $200 under what Amazon plans to sell the G6 Plus for without ads — though neither will be available for another two weeks, and it’s very possible the standard G6 Plus will quickly see a discount.

There are some legitimately good phones in Amazon’s discount program

Until today, Motorola had offered the nicest phones through this discount program. The Moto X4 is currently available for $329.99, which is a good price on a good midrange phone.

LG’s other two models, the Q6 and X Charge, are on the less-expensive end of the spectrum. The Q6 will sell for $229.99, down from $299.99, and the X Charge will sell for $149.99, down from $199.99. LG doesn’t tackle any prices lower than that, leaving the very low end to Alcatel, which offers phones discounted to just below $60.

While getting these phones at a discount means having to look at ads on the lock screen, you’re not getting a terrible deal. Amazon is offering some good discounts here for something that doesn’t strictly hurt the experience of using the phone. And if Amazon’s Kindles — which are offered with this same ad-based discount — are anything to go by, people are clearly willing to put up with some ads if it means saving money.