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Nvidia’s new $449 GTX 1070 Ti graphics card is a more powerful version of the 1070

Nvidia’s new $449 GTX 1070 Ti graphics card is a more powerful version of the 1070


But not quite as good as the 1080

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Nvidia has a new member in its gaming GPU lineup: the GTX 1070 Ti. Much like the 1080 Ti released earlier this year, it serves as an upgraded version of the existing GTX 1070 model.

Priced at $449, the 1070 Ti slots in right between the $399 1070, and the $549 1080, making it a solid choice if you’re looking for some extra power over the 1070, but not quite willing to shell out for the 1080. 

Compared to the 1070, the 1070 Ti offers improvements when it comes to specs, offering 2,432 CUDA cores compared to the 1,920 offered by the original 1070, putting it closer to the 2,560 CUDA cores found in the 1080. The 1070 Ti also has a base clock speed of 1607MHz (improving on the 1070's base speed of 1506MHz), which can be boosted to 1683MHz (the same top speed as the 1070), and has 8GB GDDR5 of onboard memory (like the 1070). 

Nvidia is also positioning the 1070 Ti as an upgrade specifically for the company's last-generation GTX 970 GPU, noting that the new card offers twice the performance of the popular older model. It's a sensible move on the company's part, given that it’s likely a tougher sell to get current 1070 customers to shell out the cash for what amounts to a relatively small performance increase. 

The GTX 1070 Ti is available for preorder from Nvidia (along with most other retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg), and is expected to ship on November 2nd. 

Correction: Fixed prices for the GTX 1070, which starts at $399, not $349, and the GTX 1080 starts at $549, not $499, as this article originally stated.