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Get Google’s Pixel 2 for $100 less on iPhone X day

Get Google’s Pixel 2 for $100 less on iPhone X day


It’s for the Verizon model only and requires a two year plan

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Happy iPhone X preorder day!

If you’re an Android user that doesn’t mean much. But, lucky for you, if you were eyeing an Android flagship, Best Buy is still offering a $100 savings on the Google Pixel 2 (the Pixel 2 XL isn’t part of the deal). The sale is limited to all colors and capacities of the Verizon Pixel 2, and requires a two year contract.

While the reduced price has been available for weeks, today seemed like a good day to remind people that they can buy two Pixel 2 phones for about the same price of a single iPhone X (which starts at $999).

For the 64GB model it’s $22.91 a month for 2 years, rather than the regular $27.08, which saves you $4.17 each month for the life of the contract. So you’ll be paying $550 for your device instead of $650. If you prefer a larger storage option, the Pixel 2 with 128GB is $27.08 per month, down from $31.25. It’s important to note though, that if you buy the device outright you won’t get the discount.

The Google Pixel XL has had issues with its LG display, including muddy color, grainy textures, and what appeared to be screen burn-in, but its smaller sibling with a Samsung-produced OLED display is still a great device. And Google is also now offering a two year warranty on both versions of the device in case you’re worried.

Update October 27th, 5:41 AM ET: Post modified to make clear that the offer has been available for weeks.