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Apple now sells an expensive leather sleeve for 12-inch MacBooks

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$149 buys you European leather and a microfibre lining

Image: Apple

Apple has quietly released an elegant looking leather sleeve for 12-inch MacBooks that’s blind-embossed with the company’s logo. It’s the first sleeve of its kind from Apple, which until now has only sold third-party MacBook cases. Apple says the design allows you to charge your laptop while it’s sitting in the case, and ships in Saddle Brown and Midnight Blue for $149.

The price may seem a little steep, but Apple says the sleeve is “crafted from high-quality European leather with a soft microfiber lining,” which certainly sounds posh. It’s available now from the Apple Store, and ships within one business day. That looks a lot better than the five weeks plus (and counting!) you’re going to have to wait for an iPhone X preorder. So if you own a MacBook and need to fill an iPhone-X-shaped hole then maybe this is the purchase for you.

Underside of the Apple leather sleeve in midnight blue.
Image: Apple