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Ikea's multi-color smart bulbs are now widely available

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Cheap and basic

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Ikea TRÅDFRI RGB bulb and dimmer
Image: Ikea

Ikea smart lighting is now a lot more colorful thanks to the broad availability of the first RGB lights in the company’s TRÅDFRI range. The E27-sized bulbs (the standard chubby ones used in lamps) began sneaking into stores around the world last month; now they're on the Ikea website where a spot-check of its physical stores shows plenty of stock across the US. They aren't available to purchase on-line, however, and they're currently only listed as a $34.99 bundle kit with one LED light bulb and one battery-powered dimmer.

At $34.99, the kit is priced well below what you'd pay for a multi-colored bulb and dimmer combo from the Philips Hue collection. However, as we pointed out in our month-long test yesterday, sometimes you get what you pay for: Ikea's TRÅDFRI series is basic, and prone to bugs and wonky behavior that will hopefully get resolved via future software updates. But if price is your main motivator, then the wide availability of cheap Zigbee-compliant RGB smart bulbs is good news indeed.

Image: Ikea