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Sony finally upgrades the PS Move controller from Mini USB to Micro USB

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What took so long?

Photo: PlayStation

Sony announced an updated version of the PlayStation VR headset earlier this week, and now it is updating the companion PS Move controllers with a new version that also features some minor changes, as spotted by Road To VR. The biggest change: finally getting rid of Mini USB in favor of Micro USB.

The updated Move hardware — officially known as the CECH-ZCM 2 J — is the first hardware revision that Sony’s motion controllers have seen since their release as an accessory to the PlayStation 3 back in 2010 — which explains the comically outdated Mini USB port that Sony is thankfully getting rid of. Sure, you could quibble that Sony should be using USB-C instead of Micro USB for future-proofing, but compared to Mini USB, anything is an improvement. The new Move controllers won’t work with a PlayStation 3, either, if that is something that you’re still concerned about.

The new controllers also will have slightly larger batteries, with a 1900mAh battery instead of the original model’s 1350 mAh.

There’s no release date set for the updated controllers, but we expect them to be available soon.