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This Pixel 2 came with empty packaging for what looks like wired Pixel Buds

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The headphone to USB-C dongle was missing too

Google doesn’t bundle its Pixel 2 phones with earphones, but one man’s Verizon device came with empty packaging for what looks like a wired version of Pixel Buds, or at least earphones in that style, as spotted by Android Police. Google has since confirmed to the publication that that was an early package design but didn’t explain how it made its way into a customer’s hands.

User Lucas Everett tweeted photos of the packaging and booklet from his Pixel 2 box, which shows a wired pair of earphones with a USB-C connection and an in-line remote. The booklet shows the earbuds can be adjusted by resizing the cord to form a smaller or bigger loop (like the Pixel Buds). Everett tweeted that the Verizon store said none of the other boxes included the empty tray or reference to the wired buds in the booklet.

His package also did not include a 3.5mm headphone to USB-C adaptor — Verizon had to take one from another box and give it to him. This indicates Google had at least planned to bundle the Pixel 2 with a wired headset. Why it instead chose to just include the dongle, which costs $9 if you lose it, isn’t clear, as other flagship devices, like the iPhone 8, are shipped with both a dongle and a pair of earbuds.