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The iPhone X will hide notification previews on the lock screen by default

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Apple’s new iPhone X is making its way out into the world this week, and so are several new tidbits about the device. Among them is a change to notification settings: the iPhone X will automatically hide notification previews on the lock screen by default, something mentioned in Wired’s early hands-on with the device.

Now, iOS has had the option to hide notification previews on the lock screen for a while now, allowing you to show generic notification titles like “new message from Facebook” instead of actual previews of messages.

But that was an optional feature that had to be enabled for the more security conscious among us, and while we’ve known since the announcement that the X would have the feature as well, this is the first that we’re hearing that it’s the default out-of-the-box option on the new device.

Unlocking the iPhone X with Face ID will reveal the notification preview in their usual form, which Wired notes is also a helpful way of confirming that Face ID has unlocked the device.