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Circuit Breaker

Watch Circuit Breaker Live episode 005: iPhone X and a stylus shootout

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We’ve got our first review of the iPhone X on the site, and we’re currently taking all your questions and updating with answers. And guess what? We answered a bunch of those questions on Circuit Breaker Live, the show that we do every Tuesday at 4PM ET on Twitter. That was yesterday! You can watch the full episode above and finally get all the answers to age-old questions like, “How obstructive is the notch?” and “Will my iPhone X charge faster if I use both Qi and Lightning?”

We also took a look at the latest iPad, Surface Pro, and Pixelbook and how they compared to each other as drawing tablets. It was a stylus shootout of sorts!

If you enjoyed this episode and want more, you can watch all the full episodes of our last four shows in the StoryStream below. Or just tune in to at 4PM ET to watch our show live every Tuesday!