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The Cary42 is a gorgeous wooden arcade box for the extremely wealthy

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We’ve covered Swedish designer Love Hultén’s magnificent retro gaming machines plenty of times before on The Verge, and his latest effort — the Cary42 two-player arcade console / attaché case — continues his work of merging handmade wooden hardware with retro gaming.

The Cary42 is best described as a larger, upgraded version of Hultén’s original R-Kaid-R console, that doubles the controls to allow two players to enjoy classic games together. It features a 12-inch LCD display, stereo speakers, a 12V DC Power supply, and 16GB of storage preinstalled with 100 games (but its expandable over USB, so you can add as many emulated games as you can fit.)

The default version of the Cary42 is made out of solid American walnut, and features black and white arcade buttons. But Hultén says that he’s happy to discuss further customizations, including custom mother-of-pearl inlay, should you be into that sort of thing.

Sadly though, it’s probably not likely that you’ll have to make that kind of decision, since Hultén is only making 50 Cary42s. Oh, and each one costs €2,599 (roughly $3026.24), not including shipping or VAT, which means that it’ll probably be restricted to the truly wealthy.