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SanDisk releases high-speed SD cards that can survive extreme temperatures

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Do you really need it to work in sub-zero temperatures though?

Image: SanDisk

SanDisk has released a series of high-speed SD cards that work in extreme climates, as first spotted by AnandTech. The cards, known as the Industrial line, work from below sub-zero temperatures through to *way* beyond Australian-summer searing hot (-40°C to 85°C / -40°F to 180°F).

The Industrial cards come in SD (8GB to 64GB) and microSD formats (8GB to 128GB). They’re designed to be used in industrial scenarios like in surveillance cameras, drones, factory automation, and network equipment. They also feature fast read and write times (50/80 MB/s), meaning they’re capable of high bit-rate video streaming for applications like surveillance. The Industrial card also has an automatic read refresh feature that protects files on the flash storage from becoming corrupt.

The specs are really impressive, especially the card’s endurance through temperatures I feel anxious just thinking about, but it invites the question of do you really need that sort of performance in a memory card? No, but I guess you do want it.