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You can buy a Sonos Play:5 for $100 off right now

You can buy a Sonos Play:5 for $100 off right now


Or a Play:1 for $60 off

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Yesterday, Sonos announced its first smart speaker, called the Sonos One. The speaker is nearly identical to the company’s Play:1 — except it has microphones and Alexa — and they’re both currently priced the same, so it’s not surprising the Play:1 is now on sale. As pointed out by Windows Central, you can pick up a Sonos Play:1 on Amazon right now for $140, which is $60 off the regular price.

What’s more surprising is a sale on the Sonos Play:5, the top-tier speaker from the company (for which no replacement has been announced). The $500 speaker is $100 off on Amazon right now. For a company that never really puts anything on sale besides the occasional “buy two Play:1s, get $50 off” deal it runs a couple times a year, this is a massive sale.

You can get the discount on the Sonos Play:1 through Amazon using the coupon code SONOSPLAY1 at checkout. The Sonos Play:5 coupon code is SONOSPLAY5. The sale will last through October 10th and only applies to speakers shipped and sold by Amazon.