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Master Chief is hidden inside the Xbox One X riding a scorpion

Master Chief is hidden inside the Xbox One X riding a scorpion

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Xbox One X Master Chief
Photo: Unocero

Microsoft has hidden a tiny Easter egg inside the Xbox One X that most owners are unlikely to find: an etching of Halo’s Master Chief riding on top of a scorpion.

The image is nice homage both to the character that helped propel the Xbox to success and to the One X’s code name, Project Scorpio. It’s also a nice play on words, since the tanks that Master Chief occasionally rides in Halo are known as Scorpions.

Hopefully you’ll never see it

While it’s a cool touch, hopefully most Xbox owners won’t be in a position to find it. The image is on the console’s circuit board, which means you’ll have to crack open the Xbox — or find yourself with a cracked-open Xbox — before it’s visible.

The YouTube channel Unocero pointed out the image while tearing down the console during a tour of Microsoft’s Seattle campus. You can see it here, just after the 11-minute mark.

It turns out, this isn’t the first time Master Chief has stowed away inside an Xbox. Eurogamer points out that there’s a portrait of him inside the Xbox One S, too. You can see pictures of that over at iFixit:

Xbox One S Master Chief
Photo: iFixit