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This cute, crowdfunded dial accessory was designed for creatives and has 10 programmable buttons

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Each device costs ¥7,500 (around $66)

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Rev-O-mate is a no-click unlimited dial with 10 programmable buttons that’s just been launched on Kickstarter. The gadget is made for creatives, so any keystroke, mouse click, joystick button, or multimedia key can be assigned to each of its 10 buttons, including those with multiple functions. Bit Trade One, the company behind the device, says these functions can include scaling, rotation, and brush size. The dial works with apps including Photoshop, SAI, and ClipStudio, and has LED lights that can be customized to display certain colors to indicate corresponding modes. The push dial is rotatable infinitely and is responsive to touch, while the body is made of aluminum with a rubber bottom.

The device has its own internal memory, so you can store your configurations as profiles and plug into any PC via USB to use straight away. It’s compatible with PCs and works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Each device costs ¥7,500 (around $66), which is a special Kickstarter price, with the future retail price planned to be ¥8,000 (about $70).

The idea for the Rev-O-mate device came from illustrator JACO, who was unsatisfied with the devices available in his line of work. It’s not the first dial accessory on the market (Microsoft sells its own Surface Dial for $99.99), though a common complaint seems to be a lack of apps and programs available.

The Kickstarter has blown well past its funding goal of ¥2,500,000 (about $22,000), and at the time of publication, had raised ¥4,453,900 (nearly $40,000). Bit Trade One expects the devices to ship in March 2018.