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Seagate releases massive 12TB hard disk drive for storing huge files like 4K video

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Definitely overkill for storing PDFs

Seagate has revealed a new hard disk drive that can hold a massive 12TB, so if you’re looking for a huge storage option, this is probably it. The BarraCuda Pro is designed for professional creatives who might want to store content with huge sizes like 4K videos and a large trove of RAW photo files. Seagate is also trying to sell its latest big hard drive by riding on the popularity of the AR, VR hype and casting it as a storage solution for these types of media content too. The hard disk drive has a spin speed of 7,200 rpm and features a 256MB cache size for faster loading times. Seagate also announced its new IronWolf 12TB hard drives, which, along with the BarraCuda, is a part of its Guardian Series for high capacity storage. The IronWolf allows multiple users to access the drive — with file sharing and remote access part of its selling points.

For the average user 12TB probably feels like overkill. The largest files I process are RAW files from my DSLR, so it’s not really aimed at everyday users who might just want to store basic pictures or PDF files. The Seagate BarraCuda 12TB Pro will reportedly cost $530 and come with a 5-year limited warranty.