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Nintendo’s SNES Classic can run sideloaded games with this tool

Nintendo’s SNES Classic can run sideloaded games with this tool


Add to the 21 games on the console

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It’s been little more than a week since the SNES Classic was released, but there’s already a tool available for those who want to add more games to the console (just like the NES Classic before it). The hack comes from Russian user Cluster who has updated his hakchi2 tool, which can sideload extra games onto the NES Classic, so that it now supports the same thing on the SNES version.

There are release notes and a Reddit FAQ if you want to see how it all works or potentially do this with your own device. (Just remember the legality of emulator ROMs is dubious.) Cluster says the in-built emulator can support 75 percent of SNES games and there are workarounds for those that don’t run. The SNES Classic is also capable of running sideloaded NES titles, too.

It’s probably tempting to add more titles than the 21 loaded on the SNES Classic from the Super Nintendo’s vast collection of games, given that the NES Classic had 30. Still, cracking your console more than likely undermines its warranty, and with the SNES Classic in high demand and limited stock, do you really want to risk it?

Nintendo did leave a cheeky message to those who do hack into the console, however: