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Amazon slashes Echo Show price by $30 after sales drop due to YouTube removal

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Amazon just put the Echo Show on sale for the first time since launching in June, dropping the price on the screen-equipped Echo from $229.99 to $199.99.

The timing of the sudden sale is particularly interesting given that, as Variety reported on Friday, sales of the Echo Show have noticeably dropped in the past few weeks after Google pulled YouTube support from Amazon’s smart speaker. A price cut could help boost sales on the Echo Show, despite the uncertainty around whether Amazon and Google will be able to reconcile difficulties when it comes to YouTube support.

It’s also possible that Amazon is just putting the Show on sale in an effort to entice customers before the new slate of Echo products announced at the end of September arrive around the holidays.

Still, if you’ve been thinking about picking up an Echo Show — even without YouTube videos — $30 off is the first (and therefore, best, by default) deal we’ve seen yet. Amazon hasn’t said how long the discount will last, which might be worth keeping in mind as well.