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Razer’s new mechanical gaming keyboard is water and dust resistant

Razer’s new mechanical gaming keyboard is water and dust resistant


Is this the solution to devastating soda spills?

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Razer’s latest mechanical keyboard just might be able to survive spilled drinks. The new BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard is now water and dust resistant with an IP54 rating, the company says.

In standard game accessorizing opulence, the backlit green LED keys also have lighting effects like wave, ripple, starlight, and more that gamers can customize. The keyboard is said to have an 80 million keystroke lifespan and uses Razer Green Switches, which have an actuation force of 50 grams for some pretty solid clicking. You can also program the keys for on-the-fly macro recording, if you’re into that.

Photo: Razer

If Razer can deliver on its promise, then I’m getting this keyboard, if only because I’ve spilled one too many drinks, miso soup, and snacks on my desk. For those of you with terribly narrow gaming tables like me, the BlackWidow will likely fit. Its dimensions are 7.98 inch x 6.02 inch x 2.36 inch and it weighs a little less than a pound if you count the cable.

Just in time for League of Legendspreseason refresh and some substantial Black Friday gaming discounts, the Razer BlackWidow is available now on the company’s website and will be available worldwide by December. It costs $109.99 or €119.99 in the EU.

It’s worth noting that Corsair also makes a snack-proof mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry MX Red switches. The Corsair K68 has a IP32 rating, backlit red LEDs, and costs $99.99. That means that, while slightly cheaper, it’s not dust resistant like Razer’s, and it doesn’t have the same level of water resistance. So if you’re constantly worried about elbowing over a glass of liquid onto your pristine gaming setup, perhaps spring for the new BlackWidow.