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BenQ made a surprisingly inexpensive 4K HDR projector

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‘Inexpensive’ is a relative term here

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Projectors are actually pretty good these days — just ask former Verge editor Chris Plante — but if you want 4K, you’re probably looking at price tags that are around 10 times what a 4K TV costs.

BenQ’s latest projector, the W1700 (known as the the HT2550 in the United States) offers a cheaper alternative, with 4K and HDR support for a comparatively cheap £1,599 (roughly $2,105). Now, that’s not going to meet anyone’s definition of truly affordable just yet — you can buy a high-end, 55-inch OLED TV for that price — but it’s far cheaper than most of the other 4K projector options around right now.

BenQ isn’t giving a lot of information about the spec side of things, but we do know that the W1700 will support HDR10, auto keystone correction, and 1.2x zoom for easily adjusting your images.

BenQ says that the W1700 will be available in Europe in early January, with the HT2550 should be available at around the same time for “for under $2,000.”

Update November 16th, 4:10pm: Added information about US release for the projector.