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Fossil’s new Android Wear smartwatch has a touch-sensitive bezel and costs $275

Fossil’s new Android Wear smartwatch has a touch-sensitive bezel and costs $275


It start shipping today

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Image: Fossil

Fossil today announced a new smartwatch in its Q line called the Q Control that comes with a touchscreen bezel that allows for quick scrolling through the device’s interface. Running Android Wear, the Q Control comes with a 45mm, water resistant circular case and 20mm watchband, as well as a heart rate sensor. The design is relatively minimalistic, with just a single button on the side of the watch face.

It’s worth noting that the Q Control is effectively a rebranded version of the Misfit Vapor. Fossil, which acquired Misfit in 2015 for $260 million, is releasing a different version of the watch, equipped with the same touchscreen bezel, likely as a way to expand consumer options and appeal to a more mainstream crowd that’s likely never heard of Misfit and trusts Fossil more in the accessories department.

The Vapor has also been plagued by delays since its unveiling at CES back in January, with the device only shipping just last month. So this could be Fossil wanting to get another version of the smartwatch out the door that’s not weighed down by the baggage that Misfit’s first Android Wear watch carries. The Fossil Q Control is available now on the company’s website for $275, and it for now only comes in black.