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HTC launches Vive tracker bundles

HTC launches Vive tracker bundles


Attach the tracker to an object and take it with you into the virtual world

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HTC has launched Vive Tracker bundles, opening its tracker device to everyday consumers for the first time. The Vive Tracker is a small interchangeable motion tracking accessory that can attach to any object in real life, and works with the HTC Vive VR headset. The tracker creates a wireless connection between the object and headset and allows the player to then use the object in the virtual world, which is pretty awesome. The tracker can also be attached to a DSLR camera to create mixed reality videos.

“With Vive Tracker, we’ve already seen the tremendous tools and experiences that the development community has created and unleashed into VR,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM of the US at Vive in a statement. “The Vive Tracker opens up a whole new set of experiences that can take advantage of full body tracking and a number of peripherals that set VR experiences on Vive apart.”

There are a bunch of third-party hardware and software that can work with the tracking device. HTC points to several objects that’ll be bundled with games and available for pre-order from November 16th with arrival expected by mid-December. The accessory bundles include a Hyper Blaster gun and tracker with Duck Season for $149.99, and a Racket Sports Set which includes custom molded and weighted rackets and a tracker with Virtual Sports for $149.99.

The Hyper Blaster is integrated with six different titles at launch, and Vive says it’s working with another ten developers to integrate the gun. The racket set works with six titles with another five expected by the end of the year.

For those who want to track their bodies — like in dancing games for example — the TrackStrap can attach to your feet, wrists, hip, or legs to enable full body VR tracking. A pair of TrackStraps costs $24.99 and comes with a redemption code for Redfood Bluefoot Dancing on Steam. The TrackStraps are available from today. The tracker on its own retails for $99.99 each.