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Jack White’s record label debuts custom Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones

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They come with a flexi disc!

Beats By Dre Third Man Records headphones Image: Beats By Dre

Today Beats By Dre unveiled a new black-and-yellow edition of its Solo3 Wireless headphones that will be exclusive to Jack White’s label, Third Man Records, as spotted by MacRumors.

This version of the headphones will carry a $30 premium, which does get you more than just the sharp black-and-yellow colorway. They will also come with a custom carrying case, a matching black-and-yellow 3.5mm braided cable, 1/4 stereo plug adapter for direct turntable plug-in, and a translucent yellow flexi disc — a record made out of a thin, flexible vinyl sheet — with the single “Level” by The Raconteurs.

There are some nice design notes that pay homage to Third Man Records’ logo stylings. The core logo in all yellow appears on the inside of the headband, and the triple yellow bands are a design note the label often uses in graphics for Third Man Pressing, its vinyl production plant in Detroit. Beats often releases limited edition and collaboration versions of the headphones, like this gray / gold combination, and a sleek, texture-filled black-on-black edition with Alexander Wang.

The Third Man Records Limited Edition headphones are available for preorder now. They will officially go on sale Friday, November 24th and will cost $329.50.