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This 360-degree lens attaches to your iPhone camera

This 360-degree lens attaches to your iPhone camera

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There’s a new 360-degree lens you can attach to your iPhone to record photos and videos. The Fishball lens clips on with what the company calls a secure locking mechanism, and its system of fisheye lenses and mirrors let you shoot 360 degrees using the Fishball mobile app.

There’s already a lens attachment called the Insta360 Nano, which turns your iPhone into a 360-degree camera, but the difference is that it costs $199 and has a considerable number of additional parts, including a card slot, internal microphone, LED indicator, and a shutter. Fishball, meanwhile, currently costs $39 on Indiegogo for early adopters, and its retail price will be $99. There’s also a lens called Sphere that turns your DSLR into a 360-degree camera, according to PetaPixel.

Fishball is trying to patent its system of lenses and mirrors. It ships June next year, but as with all crowdfunded projects, there’s no guarantee that the company will deliver its products.